We don't yet have a technical solution to gifting pledges, but we know that sometimes readers want to pledge on behalf of someone else as a present, so here's how you can currently make a pledge as a gift.

To support a book for a loved one first you need to choose the reward you want to gift and make a pledge to this level using your own Unbound account. You can add your gift recipient’s address at the checkout at the time of pre-ordering this reward, or you can change the delivery address in your account at a later date.

Once you have completed the purchase, you will be able to add your gift recipient’s name to the supporter list within your account. Click here for more details of how to change the name to go inside a book. As the gift buyer, it is your responsibility to add your gift recipient’s name to the supporter list so that this can get printed inside the book.

Once you've made the pledge, changed the name to go in the supporter list and added the right address, you can download the gift certificate to fill in and give to your gift recipient letting them know what they can look forward to receiving in the future.

You can keep an eye on your account or the project page for updates on the project and estimated delivery dates.

Once the book is printed, Unbound will dispatch the book to the address linked to the gift order. As the gift buyer you will need to keep the gift recipient’s delivery address up to date through your own Unbound account. Click here for more details on how to change the delivery address for an order.

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