Why is the LEGO® Group crowdfunding this book with Unbound?

The LEGO Group wanted to make a book by AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO), for AFOLs, giving fans the opportunity to get involved, see their name printed inside the book, and access exclusive rewards alongside it.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way for individuals to support an idea that they believe in, helping to turn that idea into a reality and receive special rewards in return. In our case, the rewards almost always include books!

Where can I get my book delivered to?

We deliver to most countries worldwide from our warehouse in the UK. Enter your delivery address during checkout and the shipping cost is displayed once we know where to send your book.

Click here for more information on shipping costs.

How do supporter names work?

Every person who pre-orders the LEGO book gets their name included in a supporter section inside the book as a thank you. If you want to add a different name, this can be changed in your account after you have completed your pre-order. Click here for more information on how to change your chosen name.

How long will the campaign stay open?

The campaign will stay open until we need to close the supporter list to add these names to the book designs. The book isn’t written yet so we don’t know for sure when this deadline will be, but we’ll share the date and give you some warning so you can get your name in the book.

When will I get my book?

Delivery of the books will be in Spring 2022. The book hasn’t been written yet, but we’ll keep you updated on its progress along the way.

When will the additional rewards be sent out?

Additional rewards will be sent at the same time as the finished books.

What happens if my book can’t be signed by the person listed in the reward description?

In the event that the book is no longer able to be signed by the original person, an alternative reward will be made available.

Will I be able to buy this book in shops?

The book and associated rewards are exclusively available through Unbound, they will not be available to buy in shops. Once the supporter list has closed we will know how many copies we are printing and these will be the only copies of this book in the world. The book only gets made if the crowdfunding target is reached, so choose your reward quickly to avoid missing out.

For how long is this book available?

The book can be ordered until we need to close the supporter list to add the names to the book designs. This is a one-time opportunity to buy this unique book so don’t miss out.

What happens if the book goes over 100%, can I still order?

Yes! The book reaching 100% just makes it certain it is going to get made. Until we close the supporter list you can still order your copy of the book and access the rewards.

Will any more rewards be made available?

New rewards may be added to the page throughout the crowdfunding process. You will have the opportunity to upgrade if a new reward comes along. Read more about how to upgrade your reward here.

Can I order more than one reward?

Rewards with limited availability are limited to one per household. Non limited rewards are available for purchase multiple times per user. Unbound reserves the right to cancel multiple orders from the same household for limited rewards.

Can I upgrade my reward level?

Yes, absolutely. If you’ve already pre-ordered, you can upgrade to a higher price reward. For more information about how to upgrade your reward level, click here.

Can I buy more than one reward at a time?

No, transactions must be completed one at a time.

When does the money get taken from my account?

When you pre-order we take payments straight away.

If a project is unsuccessful then it gets taken down from the site and the money you pledged gets returned to your Unbound account as credit. You can either use this credit to support another project or request a refund.

What payment options are available?

Payments for unlimited levels can be made via both credit card and PayPal.

Rewards with limited availability are not available to purchase using PayPal. This is in order to ensure successful transactions for exclusive rewards, as they are made on a first come, first served basis.

Can I get a refund?

For more information about refunds, click here.

I have an Unbound promo code, can I use it to support this book?

Promo codes will not be available for use on The Secret Life of LEGO® Bricks; all reward levels are being offered to all supporters at the same pricing level.

If you still have a question which hasn’t been answered in the FAQs above, please get in touch with us at support@unbound.com.

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