Please read this article for more information on the type of books Unbound commissioners are looking for. These are the type of books that work best on the Unbound platform and our unique way of publishing books.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently accepting children's or YA books, poetry books, or photography books.  

Katy Guest

I’m looking for books that will change the world. I’m a former journalist who’s still chasing great stories, and I’ve commissioned fiction and non-fiction books including Mud, Maul Mascara; Girl With a Gun; Trans Britain; Merry Midwinter; Not Buying It; and The Madonna of Bolton, a novel that was dismissed by other publishers as “too gay”. 

If you’re an author with a ground-breaking idea, and you have an online or real-world network of people who will really get behind it (please read the crowdfunding guidelines before pitching), I’d like to hear from you - especially if you’re the kind of person whose voice is not heard enough in the mainstream media and publishing. 

Let’s make books that make things happen.

Mathew Clayton

I love books by cultural trainspotters and pop culture magpies - people with an obsessive interest in their chosen subject - it could be gaming, the history of graphic design, cult bands or cult brands, record labels, board games, trading cards, retro computers, fanzines, analogue synthesisers, space, science fiction films, Minecraft, vintage fashion - you are probably already documenting your passion on a blog, on YouTube or on twitter. I am also interested in working with illustrators that use social media as their gallery/magazine/shop or create webcomics. I love archives, collections and collectors - and people that can tell stories visually. My favourite Unbound books are: Letters of Note, Fuck Yeah Video Games and Dice Men.

John Mitchinson

Over thirty years I’ve published everything from The Beatles and Michael Palin to Haruki Murakami and Alan Garner. I co-founded Unbound as a place for outliers: the works of outsiders and originals that might just reach a mass readership; books that make you sit up and think. Please send me:

Mould –breaking fiction: Paul Kingsnorth, The Wake; Alice Jolly, Mary Ann Sate, Imbecile.

Texts where landscape, myth and culture meet: Jonathan Meades, Museum Without Walls; Neil Philip, The Hidden Matrix.

History with an axe to grind: Simon Napier-Bell, Tararaboomdeay; Kate Lister, A Curious History of Sex.

Books where words and images matter equally: Shaun Usher, Letters of Note; Wolfgang Wild & Jordan Lloyd, The Paper Time Machine; Jackie Morris, The Unwnding.

Aliya Gulamani

I’m looking for new voices and concepts across fiction and non-fiction.
In non-fiction; I’m particularly interested in pop culture, psycho-geographical stories, books about historic figures and political movements that changed the world, food narratives, nature writing, anthologies, and graphic novels.

In fiction, I’m drawn to books that platform marginalised voices and experiences. I enjoy reading across all the genres with a particular weak spot for contemporary fiction.

Fiona Lensvelt

As a former journalist, I'd love to read non-fiction proposals around subjects that capture the zeitgeist and will get people talking. If you are an expert in a field or someone who has started to build an online community around your passion or interest, please get in touch. Could you write about the tarot? Saving to retire at 35? Expert on hypnobirthing? I’d love to hear from you.

At Unbound, I've commissioned Sian Meades-Williams's survival guide for freelance writers The Pyjama Myth; Stephanie Theobald's pleasure memoir Sex Drive; Sarah Lee and Laura Barton's exploration of the edge of America West of West, as well as the media organisation Tortoise's FUTURES series, where Frankie Boyle and others explore what the future might hold for politics or men or the arts.

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