Once you've supported a book checking and changing the name you'd like to be included in the supporters list is simple. 

 To view the name, head over to your Unbound account page, and see what is listed under printed name in the book of your choice. If you would like to change the printed name in that book click manage project.

The manage project drop down will appear. Enter the name you would like under the update your name in the back section. Then click update. 

Once the name has been successfully changed, you'll see this message and the printed name will change. 

If the 'update name in the back' option isn't available it's probably because you supported a book after the supporter list has closed and the book is too far in the production process for us to add any new names. 

If this happens and you desperately want your name to feature inside a book, you could always support another one of our projects. 

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