If you'd prefer that your name doesn't appear on the supporters list on the website (or inside the book) you can pledge anonymously. Just log in and head over to your Account Settings

Here you can click the 'pledge anonymously' button. 

Once you've clicked saved changes you'll see the following message:

You can still get your name in the book whilst being anonymous online, just add your name to the list by following these steps. Please note that if you press the 'pledge anonymously' check box after you have added the names in the back then the names won't be removed.

If you added the name manually through the supported books section in your account and have changed your mind about this appearing in the book, just remove the name in the same way that you would add or change the name, and leave that section empty. Click here to read more. 

If you'd like to stop being anonymous then just repeat the steps above. You'll be shown the following message when your anonymity preference has been removed:


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