Authors enter into a contractual agreement with United Authors Publishing Limited (“the publisher”) where by all profits from the sale, distribution and exploitation of their book are split 50/50 between both parties. We do not offer author advances. 

After reaching 100% of the funding target, profits are calculated by subtracting all associated costs from revenues generated from the book.  A list of associated costs will be presented to you in the costings section of your contract. You will find and estimate of all budgeted costs to be incurred in order to produce your book.

Revenues will be broken down on your profit statement as follows:

  • Subscriptions (pledges received from your supporters)

  • Trade Sales (physical and eBook)

  • Rights Income

  • Special Sales (sales made direct, outside of normal trade channels)

To safeguard against non-payment from customers please be aware we can only report on revenues where we are actually in receipt of the revenue on or before the statement date. 

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