Redeeming your gift Reading Club membership is simple. 

If you've been sent the gift voucher digitally, just click on the link in the PDF and you'll be taken to the right page on the Unbound site to apply this. If you were given the gift voucher as a print out just visit the link above. 

Please note that you'll have to sign in or create an account before you can redeem your gift voucher so we can give you your Reading Club perks. 

Once you've signed in, enter the gift code and click on the 'Redeem voucher' button.

If your gift code is accepted, you'll be taken to a page to enter the address you want us to send your welcome pack to. 

Congratulations, your gift Reading Club membership has now been activated! 

If you don't want to receive a welcome pack, don't worry you don't have to enter your address. Just click 'skip this step'. You can always let us know your address to send a welcome pack to later if you change your mind. Just drop us a line and we'll pop one in the post.

Whether you choose to have a welcome pack or not, you'll now be able to download your first ebook and enjoy free shipping on orders, depending on which Reading Club zone you were gifted.  Read this article if you want to know more about the Reading Club shipping zones.  

Welcome to the Reading Club! 


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