Unfortunately, we can't take on a piece of work that has already been published (traditional or self-published) previously.

At Unbound, readers support a book because they want to bring a book to life, and be a part of the book’s creative process. The incentive to support a project is lost if a book has already been published elsewhere. Crowdfunding requires hard work and and relies heavily on building excitement and encouraging people to support a campaign. Again, it is much harder to generate and harness this excitement if the book already exists.

Additionally, in our experience, people who have already bought a published book are highly unlikely to support it again through the crowdfunding process, and are less likely to share it with their own networks. The potential number of supporters, then, is greatly reduced as is the likelihood of the book successfully funding.

This restriction does not apply to books that have been previously published on sites such as your own blog or Wattpad, however. 

However, we'd love to hear about your next project! Please let us know what you're working on by completing our submission form.

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