Unlike most other crowdfunding platforms, Unbound have a small but dedicated support team to help answer all of your subscribers’ questions, so you can relax and concentrate on writing and getting your book funded. Once your project is funded, we’ll send out emails at all the major steps of the editorial and production stages to manage your supporters’ expectations on when to expect their copy and ensure they’re up to date with the book’s progress. That said, it's always good to keep in contact with your supporters throughout the process and let them know where you are and what you've been up to. 

Unbound work with a third party warehouse and distributor to deliver all of the physical books via a traceable service. We’ll also send out all of the digital editions of the book to supporters via email, so you don’t need to worry about sending any of the books yourself. So if someone tells you they haven’t received their book, you can just point them our way. Simple.

We’ll also work with you to fulfil the higher pledge levels, be it postcards, a launch party, dinner or something else entirely. We’ll work with you to set reasonable budgets for fulfilling these higher levels, and when it comes to fulfil these we’ll also help you with guest lists and any logistical details. Higher levels will not be fulfilled until the book is fully funded and most often this will happen around the book’s publication date.

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