Your submission should resemble the back cover blurb that would go on your book. Of course it’s important to convey what happens, but it’s equally important to get to the heart of what makes your book extraordinary: why does it need to exist?

 So, when pitching your book, keep in mind and answer these three key questions:

1. Why the story needs to be told

2. Why you’re the person to tell the story

3. How the crowdfunding process works

The synopsis is only one element in the perfect pitch, remember editors and readers won’t know anything about the book so consider starting with whether the book is fiction or non-fiction, and its genre or intended audience. You might also think about what need the book is fulfilling: is it a never before told story, a genre-buster, born out of a passion project, or inspired by an experience? It can be useful to include similar books for comparison. The more concise you can be the better, pitches should be intimate, direct and intriguing.

Ideas are great and we’re always open to hearing them, but the more complete a book is the easier it is for any publisher to take on. Having a finished manuscript is particularly important for fiction.

Include in your biography any relevant information such as previous books, writing experience, professional background and any networks or communities you will contact to help you to crowdfund the book.


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