The time taken to deliver your books can depend on a few factors. 

  1. Has the book reached its funding target? If not, we can't start work on making the book until it has

  2. Is the book still being written? If so we can't start work until we've had a finished manuscript handed in

  3. Where the book is in the developmental edit process. Sometimes it takes longer to get a book just right. 

  4. Once the book is through the above stages we have a better idea of when we'll have finished books and display the stage the book is at, along side the estimated publication date on the project page. 

Why does it take so long? 

The editorial and production process normally takes around 10 months from the final manuscript hand in date, but this can vary depending on the project. Keep an eye out for updates from the author and the Unbound team on the project's progress. You can read more about what happens behind the scenes here

You can have a look at where the book is in the publishing process by checking out the 'status' in your account. Read more information on this here

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