There's lots of reward options to choose from when supporting an Unbound project, so don't worry if you can't remember which level you went for. 

Whether you pledged for the digital edition, physical book, or something more, you can always check what your reward level includes over in your Unbound account.

Just hover over the '?' next to the level name in your supported projects list for more information on what rewards are included with the level you pledged for. (See screenshot below for a couple of examples.)


We can't fulfil any pledge rewards before the book has reached 100% funding and try to fulfil all pledge rewards within 6 months of the book being published. Due to the complicated nature of some of the rewards however, sometimes this can take a bit longer. 

We always try to give at least 6 weeks notice before reward events and get in touch with supporters about pledge reward events and other items, if necessary,  via the email address provided in your Unbound account, so please keep this up to date.*

*Please visit your Account settings page in your account to change your personal details. 

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