The pitch on the Unbound project page is your sales copy. It has to make people want to buy your book. So, when pitching your book, keep in mind and answer these three key questions:

1. Why the story needs to be told

2. Why you’re the person to tell the story

3. How the crowdfunding process works

If you can address these in a clear manner, your audience will be much more likely to support your book and get behind you to help make the book happen. This is your book, you are the expert on what you have written, and no one else is a better advocate for it. Explain this to people, and they will rally behind you and will act as your ambassadors to others. You don’t need to explain pledge levels, the shed etc., as these will already be explained on the page. Instead, concentrate on creating a short and pithy pitch that best conveys the above key points. The content of that page can also act as the basis of your messages in other places - in email, on social media and other places.

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