If you want to give a little extra support to a project, but don't want to pledge again, you can add a donation amount which goes directly towards the project's target. 

We have two ways of adding a donation to your pledge; a) when you make the initial pledge or b) through your account at a later date.

A.) Adding a donation at the time of making your initial pledge. Just follow these steps (before you enter your card details) at the checkout: 

Check that the final amount you want to give is correct then add your bank details and click the 'pay now' button to finish. 

B) Adding a donation to your level of support at a later date. Just follow these steps if you want to top up your pledge from your account. Click 

Once your donation has gone through it will show up in your account like this:

If you want to top up your donation again, you can do this as many times as you like, just follow the steps above again. 

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