10 Prizes for Our 10th Birthday

Prize Draw Terms & Conditions

The prize draw is being operated by United Authors Publishing Limited (“Unbound”), a company incorporated in England (Company Number: 07279146) whose registered office is at TC Group, Level 1, Devonshire House, One Mayfair Place, London, W1J 8AJ, United Kingdom.

For further information about us, and our contact details, please visit About Us.

  1. The prize draw

    For every purchase you make on unbound.com during the Promotion Period (as defined below), with a UK shipping address, you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 10 prizes.

  2. How to enter

    Every completed checkout purchase on unbound.com with a UK shipping address, during the Promotion Period (as defined below), will count as one entry into the prize draw. Subscriptions to Unbound Reading Club are not eligible for the prize draw.

    You may enter the prize draw as many times as you wish by making multiple completed purchases, with a UK shipping address, during the Promotion Period.

    For the avoidance of doubt any purchase made after the end of the Promotion Period will not count as an entry into the prize draw.

    Prizes will be sent to the UK shipping address associated with the entrant’s most recent purchase on unbound.com.

  3. Promotion Period

    The promotion will run from 14 October 2021 to 14 November 2021, both dates inclusive (the Promotion Period). The winner and the runners-up will be randomly selected by us on 15 November 2021. To confirm, prizes will be awarded based solely on chance and will require no skill or judgement on behalf of the entrants.

    The winner and the runners-up will be contacted, using their Unbound account details, within two (2) weeks of the end of the Promotion Period.

  4. Prizes

    First prize will be a selection of 25 books chosen by the Unbound team. The nine runners-up prizes will consist of four (4) books selected by the Unbound team under a theme/topic to be selected by the runners-up.

    The runners-up may select from the following themes/topics:

    • Jackie Morris collection

    • Jonathan Meades collection

    • Tom Cox collection

    • Anthologies

    • Biography

    • Gaming

    • Fiction

    • Food

    • Sex & History

    • Sport

  5. Other terms

    All purchases (and pledges) through unbound.com are governed by our standard Terms of Use to be found at https://unbound.com/terms.

    Unbound will not accept responsibility for any prizes that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit, regardless of the cause (including, for example but without limitation, as a result of any postal failure).

    Unbound reserves the right to refuse entry to the prize draw, or not to award a prize, to anyone who is in breach of our Terms of Use or these terms and conditions. We also reserve the right to cancel or suspend, or to amend the terms and conditions of, the prize draw where it becomes necessary to do so.

    These terms and conditions are governed by English law. By making a purchase through unbound.com, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions and by our Terms of Use.

    If you have any questions about the prize draw, please contact support@unbound.co.uk.

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