Can Unbound authors contribute to the Crowdcube campaign? 

Absolutely! View the Crowdcube pitch here to get involved. 

How will Unbound’s expansion affect me as an author?

We’re constantly improving and developing the services we offer to authors, and operating at a bigger scale helps us to do that more efficiently. With Unbound having a bigger US presence, authors will be able to connect with many more readers, and attract more pledges for their books.

Will I be able to use your data science tool to help me decide what book to write next?

The tool we’ve developed is designed to predict how much a campaign is likely to raise before it is launched on Unbound. It’s not designed to predict a bookshop bestseller, or to guide what book you should write next. We take into account several data points to make the prediction, including the genre of the book and the size of an author/creator’s online audience. What the tool can help with is assessing the optimum size of the social media network you need to build before you launch your campaign for a particular book idea.

If you have more questions about investing through Crowdcube please email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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