Why we’re emailing you 

You’re probably here because you’ve received an email you didn’t subscribe to. Any email you’ve received from us without your prior explicit consent will have been sent because you have registered for an account with Unbound and either completed or begun a transaction to pledge for one of our awesome projects. These emails are transactional rather than marketing and are sent because we believe they are necessary for us to provide the best level or service we can. 

A great deal of thought has gone in to making sure these emails contain the right information at the right time to keep our supporters and authors informed and excited throughout the duration of their transaction. A transaction at Unbound takes longer than your usual online purchase . This is because after pledging to support an Unbound project you will first wait for the project to fund and then a minimum of 9 months for the book to travel through production to its publication day.

We value our customers opinions and have learned from previous feedback that our subscribers have in the past at some points felt lost or uninformed during the wait. After careful consideration and further research we now have an email journey in place that does not contain marketing but that we believe keeps our supporters engaged and excited until they receive their final product. 

Essential Transactional emails we send

Confirmations - we will send a confirmation if you have successfully; created an Unbound account, signed up to our reading club or pledged to a project

Unsuccessful transaction Alert - we will let you know if there was a problem during your payment or transaction 

Responding to you - if you contact us through any forum including social media we will aim to respond where appropriate 

Payment or Refund Confirmation - an email to confirm your payment or refund 

Submission Acceptance or Rejection - we will respond appropriately to all submissions

Address confirmation - because of the time lag between payment and delivery we will ask you to confirm your address before posting you your book 

Name in the book - we email you to ask how you would like your name to appear in the supporters list in the book. You can change the name at any time, see this help article for details how.  

Progress Updates - we’ll update you through the projects journey to publication 

Ad Hoc Service Announcement - sometimes we will have exciting and  important service updates that we are required to share with our subscribers or authors 

You won’t be subscribed to our Newsletters 

Receiving a transactional email doesn't mean you’ll be added to our other mailing lists. If you would like to subscribe to receive emails from us then you can do so here. Or read this help article for more details on how to update your email preferences. 

Contacting us

If you feel that you have received an email in error or have a question then please let us know by emailing support@unbound.co.uk and we'll do our best to help you. 

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