The most important thing to decide before you pitch your book is if you’re completely ready. Make sure you’re happy with what you have written, even if this may mean working, tweaking, editing or rewriting it over a few weeks. This is your chance to convince people to pledge for your book so you want to make the pitch the best it can be. Don’t worry if your manuscript is not fully complete, you can still submit your work.

Before you write your pitch, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the book about?
  • Who will read and support it?
  • Why have you written this book?

 Answering these questions will give you a strong pitch to work from and will capture the key ideas around your book and campaign. Is your book about a fascinating subject or person? Does your book address questions or issues that haven’t been answered yet?

Your synopsis should entail an overview of the story, an introduction of main characters (if applicable) and major themes. Do not include in-depth descriptions of sub-plots or details that are not necessary. You do not want to distract readers from the main focus of your book. Keep it brief, uncomplicated yet compelling. Consider your book’s ‘hook’, its unique selling point. An intriguing pitch will encourage people to pledge to find out more about the book.

Write your pitch with your audience in mind. When you imagine who will read your book, tailor your pitch to appeal to these people. If your book is about a niche subject, hone in on this so you capture your target audience. Trying to make a niche book appeal to everyone will not work.

Choose an extract that best demonstrates your writing and will make people want to immediately read more. Your extract may not necessarily be from the beginning. If your book is fiction, it may be an excitingly dramatic pivotal scene. If it is non-fiction, you may want to include your favourite or most interesting aspect or argument the book makes. Whatever you decide, check and double-check your grammar, spelling etc. You want your book to stand out for the right reasons, not because of mistakes!

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